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New family registration for 2018-2019 opens March 23, 2018! Contact office for details!

Admission Policy



The registration of your children in St. Mary’s Catholic School means that you are willing to comply with the programs and policies of the school and participate actively in adult activities that support the school and its programs.  It also indicates your intent to help fulfill the School Philosophy.


Following are some registration and admission policies and regulations that are important.



Policy #5118               The admission policy for St. Mary’s Catholic School shall be determined by the School Advisory Council in accordance with the policies of the Diocesan Board of  Education.  The school policy shall be made available to the public in compliance with the Federal and State Anti-discrimination policy.



Regulation #5118.1     Requirements for Kindergarten students –

                                    The child must be age 5 by August 31 of the year of admission.

The child will be given a Kindergarten readiness assessment if he/she has not been enrolled in St. Mary’s PreK 4 class. Should the test indicate the child’s readiness is questionable, the parents will be informed. 

                                    The child must have received basic immunization shots.

The child must present his/her baptismal certificate, if the child is Catholic and not baptized at St. Mary’s Parish.



Regulation #5118.2     Requirements for First Grade students -

The child must have received basic immunization shots.  A physical examination is encouraged for those who have not had one in kindergarten.

                                    The child must present his/her baptismal certificate, if the child is Catholic.

                                    The child may be given a readiness evaluation test and be determined to be ready for first grade.  Should the test indicate the child’s readiness is questionable, the parents will be informed.  On parent request and considering availability of personnel resources, other means will be taken to further determine the child’s readiness (e.g., contact kindergarten teacher, first grade teacher observing child).  Should the child be determined definitely not ready, the parents will be notified in writing.  Should the child be determined questionably ready, the parent will be notified in writing.


During the first weeks of Kindergarten or the First grade, should the teacher determine a child not ready and be it for the benefit of the child or the class as a whole, recommendations for another placement will be made.  The following steps will be taken: As soon as verifiable evidence is gathered, the teacher will conference with the parents and principal.  The parents may choose to withdraw the child or leave the child for a trial period to be determined in individual cases, not to exceed one month.  At the end of this period, the teacher and principal will determine if the child shall remain or seek other placement based on what is best for the individual and/or the entire class.



Regulation #5118.4     Admission of students when a waiting list exists -

Students will be admitted to St. Mary’s Catholic School on the basis of the following criteria:

                                                            First          Families who have children currently enrolled

                                                            Second     Parishioners

                                                            Third         Catholic non-parishioners

                                                            Fourth       Non-Catholics


                                    Students who are withdrawn from school may be considered for re-admittance.


                                    Placement on the waiting list will begin when the administration has received a deposit.

                                         Money will be refunded if the student cannot be enrolled per our admission policy.


                                    Notification of admission will occur by June 15th if student is registered early.



Regulation #5119        Requirements for transfer students –

Students transferring into St. Mary’s Catholic School should be performing at grade level.


Admission will be on a trial basis until grade level performance is determined by testing and teacher observation.

                                    Student transfers must present a report card or transfer slip from the former school.


                                    Test scores and health records shall be requested by the parent(s) from the former