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Scrip Giftcards

Gift Cards = Scrip
There is a way for you to donate to the school without spending any extra money! It is called the Scrip/Gift Card Program.

Here's how it works
If you are going to buy groceries, you write the school a check for $50 – the school gives you a $50 gift card for Fred Meyer. We have over 85 different kinds of gift cards available at the school – each pays the school a different percentage of profit (from 1.5 – 40%).

How can you order Scrip/Gift Cards?
Scrip/Gift Card forms are available on the school website (click on link below) and in the school office. You can order on-line and even pay electronically if you have automatic bill paying with your bank. If you do it this way, your scrip order could be sent home with your child. You can also stop by the office and pick your order up in person.

How does it make a difference for the school?
Here is a sample Scrip/Gift Card order for one family:

$400 - Fred Meyer (good for gas and groceries)
$100 - Wal-Mart
$25 - Starbucks
$10 - Pizza Hut
$10 - Dairy Queen
$25 - Regal Cinemas
$15 - McDonald's

This $600 order would mean $29.65 profit for the school. If this was a standing order (each month for 12 months), this would be $355.80 profit for the school.

If just 10 families had similar orders, this would be $3558 in profit for the school, and if 100 families in the school had similar standing orders, this would be $35,580 in profit for the school. That is a significant amount!

There’s something in it for you, too.
After your family earns $100 in profit from Scrip/Gift Cards, the school will split the remaining profits with you.
Let’s look at our sample order, again.

It netted the school $355.80 in profits for the year – after the school takes the first $100 in profit, there is a balance of $255.80 in profits. We will split that profit with you so $127.90 would be your family’s part of the Scrip/Gift Card profit. You can apply that $127.90 toward registration, fees, tuition, or if you are an 8th grader to the Nature Bridge trip.

What's more – you don’t have to be a school family to order Scrip/Gift Cards. Grandparents, other relatives and friends can also order and their profits can go toward your family.

Give Scrip/Gift Cards a try – it is a win/win situation both for the school and you!