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The opportunity to participate in the interscholastic athletic program is a privilege granted to all students of St. Mary's School. Participants in this voluntary program are expected to conform to specific conduct standards established by the principal, athletic director, and athletic coaches. A student who is found by a staff member, law enforcement official, or coach, to be in violation of any rule is subject to the consequences spelled out in the Athletic Code. Provision is made for a student who has allegedly violated one or more of the conduct rules to appeal a disciplinary action as specified in this code.

The following rules shall be applicable for a sports season: (A sports season is defined as, the first practice of the sport until the beginning practice for the next sport. The cheerleading season is defined as a one year commitment.)


An athlete who is found to be in possession of or using any of the above, will be removed from the athletic team.


An athlete shall exhibit appropriate conduct in practice and/or contests. PENALTY: Possible suspension from the next contest or reduced playing time. Repeated offense, termination from the team (Coaches discretion). PARENTS WILL BE NOTIFIED OF ANY OFFENSE by the coach.


An athlete shall attend school all day on the day of an athletic contest unless a pre-arranged absence or doctor's appointment has been made. PENALTY : If unexcused absence for any portion of the day, the athlete shall be ineligible to participate in the contest on that day. If excused, the athlete may participate.


An athlete is to be in attendance of all team practices unless excused for illness or by prior approval. PENALTY: Possible suspension or reduced playing time in next contest. (Coaches discretion). PARENTS WILL BE NOTIFIED IF A STUDENT FAILS TO COME TO PRACTICE by the coach.


When a student is found guilty of an offense committed while on school grounds or at a school activity, the corrective action will depend upon the nature of the violation (i.e. vandalism, possession of controlled substance, etc.) Students must comply with regulation 5144 as stated in the parent/student handbook.


An athlete may NOT leave campus after school, and then return to the school grounds for practice, unless they are going home in-between. PENALTY: Ineligible for the next contest.


A parent or guardian dropping off an athlete for a practice or contest must remain at the premises until proper adult supervision is present. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure an athlete is picked up after practice in a timely manner. PENALTY: Ineligible for the next contest.


We will be using the Guidelines of Eligibility from the Athletic Program Handbook for the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Spokane. The policy states that each student athlete participating in league play is to maintain the following minimum academic standards:

1. Student athletes must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA or may not have earned a failing grade in any subject at midterm or quarter.

2. Loss of eligibility will result in no participation in any athletic game or match for a minimum of one week.

3. The student may petition the principal or designee for game eligibility after verification of improvement of grade(s) to a “C” or 70% average after the one-week suspension. The principal or designee must give written verification to the student athlete’s coach.


If a student repeatedly violates one of the above rules, he/she may be removed from the team for the remainder of the sports season.


When infractions occur within the athletic program, the following process may be followed:

Upon the imposition of penalty for infraction(s) of said rules or regulations, any aggrieved student and parent of said student shall have the right to an informal conference with the school principal and/or designee, and athletic director, to refrain from enforcing the decision. The respective coach will also attend the conference if the infraction pertains to a practice or game incident. If the student and parent do not make a written request for this informal conference within five (5) school days of the action grieved, they will have waived their right to the conference and appeal procedure. The informal conference is to be held within three (3) school days of the request. Should the action happen late in the week and the informal conference cannot be held until the following week, the athlete will be ineligible to play any contests or practice until the informal conference takes place.


The athlete is responsible for turning in any equipment or uniform issued during the course of the season. During the season, items should be turned into the coach. After the season, the items should be turned into the athletic director. If the items are not returned within one (1) week from either A) Termination from the team, or B) The last scheduled team meeting, the athlete’s parents/guardians will be billed for the cost of the missing items. If the items are returned, the bill will be voided. All items issued to the athlete must be turned in clean and in good shape, normal wear and tear acceptable.

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