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All are welcome at St. Mary, call today for a tour!

Volunteer Opportunities

To volunteer around our children in classrooms or at events where our children are present you must provide us with a completed Background Consent (form 303) and Disclosure form (form 206) and pass the background check with no prior offenses. 
Volunteers must also attend a VIRTUS "Code of Conduct" class before volunteering around our children. These classes are offered at the beginning of the school year. We usually offer one right before school starts and one right after school starts, you only have to attend one, they are the same class offered on two different days. Once you take the class you don't have to take it again. Background checks should be renewed every 5 years. If you miss the opportunity to take the class at the beginning of the school year they are offered monthly at the Diocese of Spokane in downtown Spokane. Please see the school office for a calendar or these classes and instructions on how to register for them.
You are responsible for seeking out your volunteering opportunities. The majority of volunteering opportunities are posted in The Bell, our weekly newsletter, and in emails sent out by the Advancement or the school office. 
Please visit Sycamore to log your volunteer hours. Once logged on to Sycamore, click on: "My School" then "Service Logs" then "New Log" (blue button top right-hand side of screen) Choose your Opportunity and enter date, time, hours served, and please add detailed notes of the volunteering you did, then click "Submit."
Please enter your volunteer hours fairly soon after you complete each opportunity. Hours will remain as "pending" until we go through and approve them. We make a sweep a couple of times a year to validate and approve the volunteers hours.
Uncompleted volunteer hours are billed at $10 per uncompleted hour at the end of the year. Every family is required to log 20 volunteer hours per school year.