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Foreign Exchange Tuition & Fees

St. Mary Catholic School (SMCS) is committed to the Exchange Student program because of the rich history we have with so many families and their siblings and relatives over the last 5 years.  Our desire is for the children to be able to attend this program now and into the future.  The exchanging of cultures enhances and improves all our lives.  It makes us better people and better citizens of the world.  The experiences that these students share, both the American students and the Exchange students is so important to advancing the cause of peace in the world.  Differences are to be embraced not alienated.  God creates all human creatures with certain gifts and talents and we all are given these gifts to make a better world.  This program is a major contributor to that cause.
These funds must be deposited in order to receive your final admittance letter to be used at the American Embassy. The best method is a bank wire transfer. You may call the bookkeeper at 509-924-4300 extension 204 for more information.  All fees except $500.00 is refundable until July 1 of the academic year. If for any reason the student is unable to attend the school please contact the bookkeeper as soon as possible. After July 1 of the academic year, reimbursement of any fees paid will depend on the reasons and whether or not a student can be found to fill the vacancy.


2017-18 Fees

International Student Fee*
Hot Lunch Program (optional-$625.00/yr)
$   625.00 (optional)
8th Gr Science Trip (8th Gr ONLY)
$   450.00


*International Student Fee includes St. Mary school sweatshirt and jacket, Fieldtrip fees, Sports Participation fees, Free Dress Passes and Fundraiser Participation.


The following fees do not have to be in the possession of the school but may be an obligation should you make the choices during the students time at St. Mary and are due and payable as billed.


Student Accident & Sickness Insurance: Insurance is listed below at the current 2016-2017 fee.  Changes in this fee occur usually in late May for the next academic year.

                              Insurance: $139/month


Room and Board: Room and Board are agreed upon with the Host Family. A suggested amount is $850.00 per month for all housing expenses. This is to be worked out with the individual families as each has their own unique way of handling family expenses. General guidelines for how this should be negotiated are found on the link entitled "Guidelines for Hosts"


Additional Fees: An additional fee is charged by SEVIS for I-901 entry into the United States.