St Mary Catholic School

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Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement:
St. Mary’s Catholic School is a parish ministry that actively assists families by fostering community while providing Catholic formation within a strong academic program.
Vision Statement:
St. Mary Catholic School will continue its strong focus on Catholic identity and academic excellence. Collaboration among faculty, staff and families will foster in students the skills of independence, innovation, leadership, teamwork, and a commitment to use their God-given talents for the greater good of the world.St. Mary Catholic School will be recognized as part of a strong Christ-centered parish community, expressing our Catholic faith through worship and service.St. Mary Catholic School will provide a safe environment and positive atmosphere that reflects and supports family values.St. Mary Catholic School will encourage alumni and others who value the school’s mission to be an active part of this community.
PreK Curriculum Philosophy:
It is the curriculum philosophy of the St. Mary Catholic School PreK that children be encouraged to learn and grow to realize the unique, individual gifts they were given by God.  The Pre K program will provide a foundation of developmentally appropriate experiences where children can succeed in a safe and nurturing environment. Our preschool program provides settings that recognize varied abilities and interests. We seek to develop the whole child; socially, emotionally, and academically.  Children are given opportunities to for meaningful play that encourages development of language skills, curiosity and problem solving. We recognize that parents as the primary educators of their children and seek to partner with them in their child’s educational process.